LexisNexis® Information for Consumers

LexisNexis® is a leading global provider of information and business solutions for professionals in a variety of industries, including legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting, and academic.

We have adopted policies and procedures to foster our vision that good privacy is good business, including policies and procedures related to consumer choice. Below are informational resources for consumers as well as LexisNexis® policies designed to protect your privacy.

Information & Resources
LexisNexis® provides information to business, government and legal professionals for legitimate, approved purposes. This information includes public records, other publicly available information and some non-public information. For more information on the types of information LexisNexis® provides, beneficial uses of LexisNexis® services and Frequently Asked Questions.

Obtain Copies of Information About Yourself (Consumer Access)

Upon request and with proper identification, LexisNexis® will provide individuals with a copy of the information about themselves contained in the person report products distributed through the Accurint information services. For more information and to order a copy of your person report.

Direct Marketing Services Opt-Out
LexisNexis® has an opt-out program for direct marketing services products. If you want to opt-out of LexisNexis-owned marketing services databases.

Opt-Out Policy for KnowX® and Accurint®
In accordance with laws or if permitted by LexisNexis policy, certain individuals may opt-out of having Personally Identifiable Information about themselves made available through KnowX and Accurint, LexisNexis products which make public records available to the general public over the Internet. For more information.

Security Freeze Information
If you live in certain states or the District of Columbia, you may have the ability to place a “security freeze” on specific LexisNexis® consumer reports and subsequently release or “lift” a freeze at some later date. Depending on the laws in your jurisdiction, these actions may include a fee. For more information on specific security freezes for our consumer reports available where you live.

Consumer Notices
LexisNexis® mails letters via U.S. Postal Service first-class mail to individuals whose information may have been accessed in an unauthorized manner. If you receive such a letter from LexisNexis®.
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