LexisNexis Privacy and Security

Working to Safeguard Public and Non-Public Information about Individuals

LexisNexis takes privacy and security seriously. We understand and accept the responsibilities associated with safeguarding sensitive data. LexisNexis products that use public records and non-public information provide invaluable fraud detection and identity authentication solutions to law enforcement, homeland security, commercial and legal customers that help to safeguard citizens and reduce consumers’ financial losses. This information is restricted to legitimate customers for legally permissible uses, and helps to prevent fraud, reduce the risk of terrorist attacks, and help find missing children, among other important applications.

LexisNexis will continue its support and implementation of effective data privacy policy and practices. LexisNexis products benefit consumers, the government agencies that serve and protect them and the organizations they do business with. We must remain vigilant as we all —LexisNexis, our customers and consumers —put our best efforts forward to thwart determined identity thieves.
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